How to Build Digital Trust, Authenticity, and Adding Value


Today is a bit of a different episode, where Tony and Alex discuss how to build trust in the digital world. They talk about authenticity, adding value, and why content is the best way to position your business in the hearts and minds of your audience.


  • 00:00:00 Tony + Alex introduce the topic, digital trust.
  • 00:00:55 The importance of trust in digital marketing + your webpage.
  • 00:02:33 How do you find the right company for the job + What would you look for?
  • 00:06:03 How a company can increase their trust with their target audience.
  • 00:13:21 Positive and negative feedback online and how you can leverage feedback.
  • 00:14:26 How to motivate people to post a positive review.
  • 00:16:59 How to make a process around getting reviews.
  • 00:18:24 What’s the shortest you can play the long game for tp be successful with your digital content
  • 00:20:31 What was the first piece of content Alex Cleanthous released?
  • 00:22:27 Be confident in putting stuff out there that’s not perfect. Having substance in the message vs the quality of the content itself.
  • 00:23:42 Content is the lowest cost way to communicate on an ongoing basis and to provide value to an audience.
  • 00:24:10 Why did Alex Cleanthous find creating content hard when initially starting out.
  • 00:26:43 Don’t be afraid of trying something, to fail, to then make it better and iterate until you’ve succeeded.
  • 00:28:00 How can you gain instant trust with an audience that doesn’t know you?
  • 00:29:17 Why seat time is so important to be more comfortable creating content + getting your brand message out there.
  • 00:29:39 Coaching tips to get better infront of an audience.
  • 00:30:18 Speak to your customer’s problems and understand their needs.
  • 00:32:48 Two prong approach to gaining trust online.
  • 00:33:18 How to get honest feedback online on testing your audience’s engagement.
  • 00:35:27 IGTV popularity has increased 300-1000% due to a change in IGTV Previews and how they appear in regular Instagram feeds.
  • 00:36:00 How to see what platform is working best for your content.
  • 00:37:21 Is there a different psychology when using paid vs organic posting?
  • 00:41:22 How long should piece of video content be?
  • 00:43:43 Episode overview + final thoughts.


The Growth Manifesto Podcast is brought to you by Web Profits. We interview business leaders, marketers and entrepreneurs, and share inspiring stories of real people who have succeeded in the business world.

Hosted by Tony Kiss and Alex Cleanthous.

Adrian Clark

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