Dr Melinda Muth, on leadership, culture and how to build highly effective teams.


In this episode, we interview Dr Melinda Muth, Managing Director of Streamwise Learning, Facilitator, Board Advisor and Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Director of the Harvard Club Australia and author of the book “Setting the Tone from the Top: How director conversations shape culture”. We talk about leadership, culture and how to build highly effective teams.


  • 00:00:00 Interesting lead in chat about why Tony + Melinda like to speak infront of an audience.
  • 00:06:19 Melinda’s Introduction to the Growth Manifesto Podcast.
  • 00:11:15 When Alex met Melinda + Why did he begin working with her.
  • 00:17:30 “What if you cut the wrong services, the wrong people? Will you actually injure the business?”
  • 00:25:35 Company culture discussion
  • 00:29:04 It’s the mindsets, the beliefs that are formed in a place, about what makes success here, and what is allowable to do and not do.
  • 00:38:14 The larger the company the harder it is to fix the company culture.
  • 00:42:37 There is evidence that says, that the best size for an effective decision making group is seven.
  • 00:46:33 On demand fluid teams as a service
  • 00:49:04 The way to action that is to try to get people together in forums where they can talk and it’s safe to do so
  • 00:52:19 The people who are the growing improving people, they’re always looking for the feedback.
  • 00:54:16 Melinda on teaching at the Australian Institute of company directors
  • 00:56:45 There’s different structures that companies put in place and to get really successful at something
  • 01:06:14 Stress is a physical thing. Yeah. It’s actually translated from, this behaviour into something that is, it’s actually a physical…
  • 01:09:57 You want to see stress way before it happens in your staff
  • 01:17:25 To find the balance, between the costumer, and the thing which they want, the amount which you charge, the staff which you have, the service which you provide…
  • 01:18:17 …leadership awareness, self self-awareness. That’s what that’s about. The willingness to include other people…
  • 01:27:14 What was your motive behind writing your book? Setting the Tone from the Top.
  • 01:30:28 Thanks for the opportunity. It has been fun. It’s been a lot of fun.


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Hosted by Tony Kiss and Alex Cleanthous.

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