Sonny Webster On Failure, Mindset, Growing an Online Business, and How To Produce Content Like A Pro


In this episode we interview Sonny Webster, Olympic weight lifter and Founder of the Sonny Webster Academy – a premium online community for weight lifters, cross fitters and fitness enthusiasts. After competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics, Sonny went on to grow his Instagram following to more than 200,000 followers and then leveraged that to grow a business he can run from anywhere in the world. We talk about failure, mindset, growing an online business, and how to produce content like a pro.


  • 00:00:00 Sonny Websters introduction to the Growth Manifesto Podcast.
  • 00:01:14 What was your journey as an athlete going to the Olympics?
  • 00:04:02 When did you fall involve with weight lifting?
  • 00:08:41 How do you crawl back from coming 22nd (Dead last) in your first competition?
  • 00:11:50 At what age did you go to the Olympics? What was the part in-between?
  • 00:15:58 Story about meeting Jeff, long time sponsor & Business mentor.
  • 00:22:33 Understand the why.
  • 00:18:24 What’s the shortest you can play the long game for tp be successful with your digital content
  • 00:25:10 Sonny’s transition from Olympics to being a business owner.
  • 00:30:19 How did your following start and what was the timing behind it?
  • 00:34:38 What are some tips for people to grow their Instagram?
  • 00:39:48 What was Sonny’s first product that he sold online?
  • 00:43:18 The importance of capturing emails and creating an emailing list.
  • 00:47:34 Are you writing your emails personally every day?
  • 00:54:07 What’s the future for you and your business?
  • 00:56:19 What do you do to manage your time?
  • 00:59:27 Are you actively producing everything and what does your setup look like?
  • 01:04:06 How old are you?
  • 01:05:26 What does success look like for you?


The Growth Manifesto Podcast is brought to you by Web Profits. We interview business leaders, marketers and entrepreneurs, and share inspiring stories of real people who have succeeded in the business world.

Hosted by Tony Kiss and Alex Cleanthous.

Adrian Clark

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