Coronavirus Marketing Series with Tam Al-Saad


In this episode we speak with our Head of Growth, Tam Al-Saad, on how businesses can adapt their business and message to stay relevant through COVID-19.


  • 00:00:06 Tam’s Introduction to The Growth Manifesto Podcast
  • 00:00:31 What are the challenges companies are facing during this COVID-19 period?
  • 00:01:00 One of the biggest ones was people being unsure about their messaging – How can they continue to advertise through messaging without angering people.
  • 00:01:55 People are struggling to understand how to adapt to the current environment
  • 00:02:07 People asked ‘How to work with new resource constraints.’
  • 00:02:21 People also asked ‘How do we plan for recovery?’
  • 00:04:17 Marketers have noticed theres no rule book for COVID-19, there are no case studies to show us how to deal with this current climate. No way of knowing what to do right now.
  • 00:05:20 The relevance of content and everything you do is really important.
  • 00:05:37 How do we approach evolving our messaging during COVID-19
  • 00:06:25 We can see the impact across that COVID-19 so many different industries through our clients results.
  • 00:08:25 Every business has had to adapt what their doing.
  • 00:09:20 Even for business that are succeeding right now they have the challenge of ‘How do we provide more legistically?’
  • 00:12:46 A purpose for a business, their why shouldnt change. The core should stay strong but how do you continue to deliver your product or service. The best way is to speak to your customers
  • 00:14:53 How should everyone approach messaging?
  • 00:15:57 Where is the balance?
  • 00:17:40 You don’t tell people you care about them you show them.
  • 00:18:28 You really need to solve problems of your consumer right now through understanding their pain points.
  • 00:20:58 How do you work with smaller budgets and be wise with it?
  • 00:25:20 Conclusion and final thoughts.

The Growth Manifesto Podcast is brought to you by Webprofits.

With the world upside down right now, we’ve decided to adapt the podcast and create a Zoom video series around marketing through COVID-19.

The aim is to interview business leaders and marketing experts to get their insights on the current situation and how they’re approaching business and marketing through this global pandemic.

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